We are conducting a prospective observational multi-centre international study collecting health related patient data over a period of three months at each site.

Our final purpose is to detect the incidence and nature of problems related to tracheal intubation and how such problems are handled in order to further improve patient safety.

About Cricket

During the observational period the anaesthesia staff in charge will complete a screening questionnaire for critical events associated with tracheal intubation for every patient undergoing general anaesthesia with tracheal intubation.

If no critical events arise there are no further requirements.

If a critical event occurs, the anaesthesia provider will complete a more detailed questionnaire which includes more questions about what exactly happened.

Based on our sample size calculation we aim to include a minimum of 105.000 patients at international level during the observational period of three months. To this end, a large number of centres will be recruited to participate in the study.

The collected health related data will be transferred to an electronic research data base in REDCap. In this data base data will be encoded.

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Our patients

Children from 0 to 16 years requiring tracheal intubation for general anaesthesia performed by the anaesthesia team are eligible for the study.

Inclusion criteria:

  • All paediatric patients requiring tracheal intubation, performed by the anaesthesia team for procedures or interventions requiring general anaesthesia
  • Patients from 0 – 16 years of age.
  • Informed or general consent given, according to the relevant ethics committee statement.


Exclusion criteria:

  • Refusal to give consent or withdrawal of consent if such is required by the relevant ethics committee.
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When do we start?

January 2024 – December 2024

Recruitment of centres will be sequential, and centres will start their observational period of a consecutive three months at different time points, depending on availability of the relevant ethics committee approval and local resources of study personnel.

Join us!

All centres doing paediatric anaesthesia are welcome to join.

They can be in all five continents. CRICKET is going to be a true worldwide international study.

The study protocol is ready and centres interested to partecipate are welcome to join the network. All participating centre should receive approval by the local Ethic Committee or IRB before starting.

For further information contact the study coordinator at: CRICKET@insel.ch  

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